Leaders Listen to Clients – Prove It

Active Listening Is a Top Soft Skill of Successful Leaders

The client is King! This is the eternally true fundamental Credo for business. Now let me ask you one question: How do you greet the King? With utmost respect, of course.

Now I ask you to imagine the following.
You convinced your client of the value that you and your product or service offer. Your client is sufficiently satisfied that he made the right decision to buy from you.

Because you know that customers barely just buy a product or service: No, they buy a solution to their problem, a fulfilment of their need. And they buy from you because you have made them a credible promise.

Sale closed money in the books. That easy! Really?

Leaders listen to clients
Leaders listen to clients
For a sensible business leader, the work has only just begun.

Because from now on you need to prove to your client that his commitment to you will be greeted with the same level responsibility. Or shall I write: Response-Ability?

Imagine there is a problem happening like a failure in the product or a glitch in the service level that your client has subscribed to. The client needs a response, urgently and satisfactory.

Are you there? Are you there to listen to him, unconditionally, without having a default reply in mind and just waiting for the other person to take a breath so you can jump in with a prefabricated emotion-less answer?

Are you really there to listen?

Do you know how to listen, to listen actively? All senses activated so you do get the client’s mood and calibrate it correctly?

Or do you operate on the state-of-the-art default tactic using FAQ lists, community knowledge sites? All that makes your life easy but drives your client insane.

Phone messages telling your client that it is quicker and easier to go to www.dot while inside the rage begins. “What makes you believe that I am on the phone if I had found my answer on the FAQ…g website?” (I beg your pardon here 🙂 )

Or when 3 minutes after a phone call with a half-baked reply from a customer service agent a message pops up on the mobile asking “How likely on a scale from 1-10 are you to recommend us to your friends?”

Now, recently someone recommended you to operate a chatbot on your website.
Is that really the right way to show respect to your King?

Let me ask this question: How much value to your client relations does all that soulless technology add?

The most important:

How energised and positive would you feel when a client gives you a heartfelt pat on the back when you engaged in a few minutes active listening and giving the trustworthy response of a human?

Active listening with empathy is a foundation skill for Top Leaders and Executives. The good news is that you can significantly enhance your performance range in this area through structured personalised training and coaching.

What are you waiting for?

Walter Esser

I am the founder of EuSoftSkills… Simply Smarter Coaching. An ABP Award Finalist and published author, focusing on Personal and Executive excellence.

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