Your change begins with a step into the unknown. A helping hand makes it easier.

Introducing Walter. A passionate facilitator of change, a catalyst, a guide, driven by the desire to make people flourish.

As a father, son, partner and friend, I have learnt many lessons in life and business. With over 40 years experience in Global People Management, my conclusion is that there are no mistakes and no failure, life is offering only lessons to be learnt.

I have been blessed to work with companies who were undergoing massive transformations and I did not only support these changes, I changed myself with them. I made questioning the status quo and my sense of purpose in life a habit. How lucky I have been to be presented with opportunities that made it possible to develop my “simply smarter coaching” core competence and method.

By applying highly effective and breakthrough coaching methods, I will help you develop the personal and entrepreneurial skills needed to shape your future into freedom, prosperity and peace.